The benefits and obligations of traveling


Traveling is a very fun activity that I like the most. This is a wonderful world, full of natural beauty and man-made attractions. There are many places of historical, cultural and religious importance that are worth seeing and visiting. Traveling offers an excellent opportunity to visit invisible places and meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds, who speak different languages.

Traveling takes you away from your tense daily life and takes you to a new and exciting place, very different from yours. You spend time in a whole new environment, meet people from a different cultural background, visit places you’ve never seen before, eat food of a different taste, and experience many other things. Everything that excites you and takes all kinds of tension from your mind. You feel relaxed, you begin to realize new realities, you accept cultural differences in lifestyles and you get closer to other people. This brings international harmony, friendship and cooperation in many fields, useful for humanity. Traveling also expands your mental horizon and increases your awareness. You cannot learn from books what you learn from your own experience.

In addition to pleasure travel, people travel abroad for other reasons. Students travel abroad to be admitted to the institutions of their choice. Some people travel for business purposes, while others travel for health reasons and medical check-ups. Young people travel mainly to look for work or to get married. People also travel for professional requirements and family gatherings etc.

Some countries are much cheaper than your own country, so visiting and spending some time in one of those countries really saves you money that you can use for travel expenses.

Some countries need your services and therefore offer you better wages and other benefits. If you are multilingual and have experience teaching a language, you can become a language teacher and earn good money. You can also work as a translator or interpreter.

For whatever purpose you travel, make sure you have the proper travel documents and visa endorsement for the countries you want to visit. It is also important to respect the law of the land you are visiting. Never engage in any illegal activity.

It is advisable to plan your visit 2/3 months before the trip and reserve your seats 3-4 weeks before the trip so that you get the best deal on the purchase of airline tickets. Make your trip memorable and bring home sweet memories of your visit abroad.