Tai Chi to travel


People often express how difficult and exhausting it is to travel, but it doesn’t have to be!

You CAN, with some simple Tai Chi exercises, travel lightly and arrive with energy packages instead of just luggage packages that we carry with us. Tai Chi is a type of vitalizing and energetic exercise capable of improving strength, endurance and, above all, health.

As we travel through airports, bus stops or life in general, we take our disappointments, frustrations and anxieties and press them through our nervous system towards our muscles creating tension, stress, headaches, ulcers, indigestion, insomnia and many other things that make us feel uncomfortable, restless; weakening our bodies and making us more susceptible to disease. Those who use Tai Chi are like everyone else; responsible for what we are creating within our bio-body suit, although Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates players tend to be a little more aware of that responsibility.

Through a simple concept, a geometric pattern and a simple intention, we can create an unlimited number of exercises to adapt to each situation we may encounter while sitting, wandering, standing or running along the path we are traveling.

The exercise: the spiral or the oscillating tree is performed by choosing any part of the body and making a circular pattern in the air with it. It can start at a wrist or ankle – the beauty of the spiral is that it releases accumulated emotional and physical stresses and can engage the mind in creating scenarios that have no basis in reality except invoking anxiety within oneself and spreading . to others.

The concept: big circle / small circle: the spiral can be done only with the breath while sitting, standing or moving. Use visualization and even draw various spirals to help you feel and see the patterns that can start to emerge from your game.

Interestingly, the spiral seen throughout the Southwest is a Native American symbol or pictogram meaning “spirit”, “whirlwind” and even “breath”.

“When I was traveling to a variety of schools, Neil Duncan, a computer networking specialist, was traveling with me, after inadvertently seeing 3 of my tai chi and Chi Gung classes, he said, ‘You know, I’ve been making it it moves (spirals) while you are in the ranks of banks, convenience stores and even sitting and it’s amazing how much power I have. “Master Hill

It is beautiful when we begin to rediscover that much of our quality of life is tied to our quality of movement and the freedom and energy that comes with it, regardless of where our travels take us. Remember, no matter where you go, there it is; So enjoy every step, every spiral, every breath!