Why your travel insurance claims can be denied


Traveling is a good experience that one can have in his life. Most travelers choose to purchase travel insurance coverage to be “safe and secure” when something doesn’t go according to plan or something unexpected happens. Before purchasing travel insurance, it is very important that customers first understand what the insurance does and does not cover. There is no guarantee that you will inevitably be covered when something goes wrong. Misinterpretation of an insurance policy can lead to disappointment when your travel insurance claim is rejected in time for your most need.

What happens if your travel insurance claim is rejected on time that you need it most? The following are the most common reasons why your claim may be rejected:

Unreported pre-existing conditions

When purchasing travel insurance, please indicate if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Some insurers will cover medical conditions for an additional cost, while others will not. If you do not disclose this information, your attempt to make a travel insurance claim may possibly be denied when your medical records are consulted. Verify and comply with all the rules established by the provider. Remember that this particular insurance coverage is intended only for unexpected injuries and illnesses.

Incomplete forms and documentation

Another reason why your travel insurance claim may be denied is simply because of an incomplete form, important information is missing or incorrectly completed. Always make sure that your form is completed correctly and completely. All necessary attachments are included before submitting your claims, such as a medical certificate, a police report (for theft or loss of the item), receipts for the purchase of your valuables, or even confirmation of the carrier’s trip delay.

Participating in adventurous or dangerous activities.

Travel insurance policies have different coverage in terms of the sports and adventure activities they cover. They generally do not cover extreme sports that are considered dangerous, but there may be an additional premium available for activities such as parasailing, jumping, high-altitude trekking, etc. Be sure to check the activities your provider covers before signing up for a certain vacation activity

Unapproved destinations (against the advice of the WHO or FCO)

Some insurers will only cover specific destinations and generally do not cover places that the Foreign and Commission Office or the Total Health Organization have advised against traveling.

Alcohol intoxication or drug use

If you lost valuables, damaged a personal item, or had an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your travel insurance claim is likely to be considered invalid. Although you travel to enjoy your life, be responsible and keep everything in moderation.

Illegal / reckless behavior

Fraudulent, dishonest and illegal behavior, such as going to restricted places and unauthorized use of facilities, are not covered by any insurance. Always comply with all the rules and regulations to avoid any problem during your trip.

Unattended luggage

Please note that unattended items will not be covered unless they are in a locked hotel safe or in a secure car trunk. When claiming a lost item, always obtain a police report of the incident or ask the hotel or travel operator to provide you with a written statement; This will assist you with your travel insurance claim.

Events that happen before buying travel insurance.

Events that already occurred before purchasing insurance, apparently, will not be covered. If you request it, it will be rejected and could even be considered fraudulent.

As much as possible, we want everything to go as planned: before, during and after our trip. But there are actually some cases where something would go wrong, and direct, stress-free processing of a claim can alleviate the situation.