Home Healthcare Solutions: Blazed B * Mobile Travel Companion for Superior Mobility


If style plus utility is your preference, the Bladez B * MOBILE Travel Mate 4-Wheel Scooter could be the perfect home health mobility scooter for you! When it comes to mobility for the disabled, this scooter is definitely a pioneer among all other brands available. What sets Bladez B * mobility vehicles apart from their competitors are the latest technologies and features that deliver functionality and style. Depending on your personal preferences and required product specifications, this utility product is just what you need to get started. This FDA-approved medium-sized electric scooter is ideal for a variety of users, from seniors who need home health care equipment, to the disabled, who want the freedom to move safely and independently. With its fully adjustable folding seat that offers height adjustment, its 360 degree seat rotation and folding arms that allow users to modify the width for greater comfort, this mobility scooter aid provides freedom to people as well as stability and maneuverability. Located on flat and free Mag Wheels, the Bladez B * mobile scooter can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge, providing reliability and peace of mind when it is needed most. The speed of this unit reaches a maximum of 4.5 mph, making it safe to drive indoors or outdoors. Weight capacity is 300 lbs. which makes it very resistant for those with heavier frames.

With a front basket and two rear view mirrors, the Bladez B * Mobile Travel Companion is practical and stylish, a perfect match for someone looking for a little more than your typical mobility scooter.

Additional product specifications include a 41 “turning radius, a maximum curb height of 2” and an overall length of 42 “. This scooter is 24” wide, making it small enough to maneuver, but it big enough to comfortably drive. Weighing 117 pounds. (without the seat), this home health product is light enough to carry and strong and stable enough to allow users to travel safely and independently. Bladez B * MOBILE is the premier home care solution that offers many desirable features for home care for the elderly. There’s even an on-board charger with a retractable power cord for those times when you need to recharge your scooter outside the home.

Impressive, isn’t it?

The Bladez B * Mobile Travel Companion is available in Magic Black, Metallic Silver, Arctic Blue, and Snazzy Candy Apple Red, so a color is available for a variety of tastes and preferences.

The cost of the Bladez B * mobile travel companion is $ 1999.99.