Is Travel Insurance Right For You?


24-hour room service, clean accommodation, but it’s a tourist’s nightmare. You are not in a hotel, you are in the hospital, having had the misfortune to get sick in the middle of what was supposed to be a dream vacation. And the worst part is that you will spend more on medical care than you would have spent on a real tour.

Travelers often think of travel insurance as just a waste of money, an expense for something they probably wouldn’t use anyway. Previous insurance can be a difficult decision. To help you come to the right decision, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What is your current insurance coverage? If you already have excellent comprehensive insurance, you may not need any other insurance. Some policies would cover treatment given anywhere in the world.

What are the limitations of the proposed plan? Try to find out the stipulations that the plan offers, as well as the conditions for coverage. You don’t want to be blind when you can use the plan.

Where’s your travel destination? Study the places you will visit. Does the environment pose more health risks?

Are you the type to visit the doctor frequently? Determine how many times you have visited a doctor or hospital in the past few months. People who worry too much about their health are better off getting health insurance.

Do you get sick often? If you are the type that catches insects easily, then insurance is the best option.

How much would the insurance cost? Finally, you will have to consider how much you are going to spend. If you already pay for health care, paying one while traveling should be just another incidental expense for you.

What are the limits of the plan you are considering? Do you want to avoid incurring costs down the road, or do you want to risk a high deductible? Will your policy provide coverage for an emergency room visit if cut in the kitchen at your Sydney hostel? What about the emergency evacuation? Will you be somewhere with good medical care or should you expect to be sent to another country in case of serious injury or treatment?

Travel insurance, while often overlooked as unnecessary, may be worth the small expense when you are at the mercy of medical care abroad and the environmental risks of foreign countries.