Greece Flights

Athens, the capital of Greece, is connected to major international cities. The International Airport of Athens & Eleftherios Venizelos, was inaugurated in March 2001 and built to cater to the needs of the modern world. It is located 23 miles to the northeast of the city. It has 157 check-in counters and two runways of 2.5 miles each. The airport can receive close to 600 flights a day. It features conference facilities, post office, hotel, courier service, banks, currency exchange, ATMs and many shops and restaurants.

There are 5 international airports in Greece. They are located in major cities of the country, Athens, Corfu (Ionian), Heraklio (in Crete), Kos (Dodecanese) and Thesaloniki (near the Halkidiki region). Some Greek islands are not directly accessible by flights. The best way to travel to the islands is by organizing for a taxi transfer from Athens airport. The airfares in Greece between June and September and during the holidays are a bit more expensive. Weekend flights are also great. In recent times, many charter flights started operating to and from Greece. Most flight charter operates during the summer.

Olympic Airways is the national airline of Greece. It runs daily flights from New York City and Boston to Athens. The approximate flight time from Athens to Los Angeles is 15 hours and from Athens to New York, 13 hours; Most European airlines connect to cities in North America with Greece through major European cities. Direct flights operate from major European cities to Macedonia International Airport in Thesaloniki, Northern Greece, as well as Corfu (Kerkira), Grete and Rhodes.

American and Canadian citizens entering Greece for a period of less than 3 months require a valid passport. There is no need to get a visa, though. Passport and visa requirements vary for tourists of different nationalities, and should be checked carefully before the trip.