Is It Possible To Find Low Fare Domestic Flights In India During Festivals?

Many people complained that they could not find the low flight of domestic flight to India during the festival. This is true in most cases as most people take during this time of year and travel to their home town. Forget about search low domestic flights, it is sometimes difficult to find tickets because most flights and trains are full. However, there are some tricks that will not only help you get the desired tickets but you can also get them at a low cost. Here's how you can do it.

Consider Changing Flights

Airline companies seem to know which cities have the most influx of visitors and when. For example, flights to Kolkata from cities like Bangalore and Mumbai are over-priced during the Durga Puja season. This is because most people go home this time of the year. Airline companies take advantage of this fact and increase their rates. However, you can save some money on getting two flights instead of one. Book a flight somewhere near your destination. Then book a second ticket from there to do it in your travel area. Typically, airline companies target flights to major cities. So, you can choose small towns around your own city for changing flights.

Book As Early As Possible

The holiday season in India usually begins in October and runs until the end of November. Because, many people travel this time, most of them have booked tickets as early as February and March. You can even do so even if your holiday application is disapproved. You can go for refundable flight tickets to get minimum losses if you need to cancel the tickets. So, do not wait for the last minute unless you want to pay a bomb for tickets.

Keep an Eye at The Ticket Prices

If you do not want to book the ticketing months early on your trip, you should observe the ticket prices. Subscribe to notices of different travel companies to let you know once ticket prices drop. Also, if you missed booking tickets early but you have to go home today, the watch bar price will help you save some extra money. You do not know when to get a lucky amount and the price of a ticket drops.

The journey during the festival is not all that difficult if you have the right plan in place. So, try to make arrangements as soon as possible and do not wait for your boss to approve your last minute. Remember, you can always cancel the tickets if anything goes wrong.